Monday, 2 January 2017

Find out How Mercedes-Benz Designs A Car

Mercedes-Benz is a classic example of a car manufacturer famous for creating magnificent designs. Mercedes-Benz has several studios across the globe and projects are allocated in different parts for different segments. Sometimes, projects are also conducted simultaneously for variants on same brief. We'll take you through each step of how the world-renowned car maker goes about its design process.

1. Planning & Research

Before formulating any product, Mercedes-Benz indulges in meticulous planning and research in order to catch the pulse of the market, understand what the buyers want, and study the trends that have emerged or are mushrooming.
Designers take inspiration from the research findings to carve out innovative designs and usability.

2. Sketching it out

The design process technically starts with the team sketching it out, as they bring the creative and innovative concepts inside their head onto a piece of paper. Nowadays, all the designing is computer-aided to ensure all the dimensions and proportions are precise. This first stage is termed by Mercedes-Benz as an “emotional phase” and is crucial for exploring the project's potential.

3. Fine-tuning the design

Once the rough design is ready, experts build various clay models in 25% scale to gain three-dimensional access to the design. The next step is to use a seven-metre-wide projection wall where designs are projected using supercomputers so that the experts can view and analyse the most minute detail of the design from every possible angle. A major advantage of using the projection wall is that designers can comfortably make changes to the geometry, colour and texture with a click of a button.

4. Creating a life-sized model

Once all the intricate details of the design are rectified and finalized, a life-sized model is carved out using scanning and milling machines. This model marks the first time that all the concerned people get a clear look at all the specifications of the car and the amount of space it provides.

5. Working on the interiors

After the basic model is produced, the next step is the interiors. Mercedes-Benz follows the principle of “perfect aesthetics” - a process of creating gorgeous and exquisite-looking vehicles. This process involves sifting through hundreds of fabric, metal, and wood samples. Not to mention the infinite number of colour combinations that they have to work with.

6. Bringing it all together & approval 

Now that the exterior and interior are locked in, an expert team brings all the parts together and assembles it like a jigsaw puzzle. After this is done, all that remains is the ultimate step of the design process – getting approval from the Board of Management. If they give the go-ahead, then the new model is unveiled in full public glare.

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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

What's a Video Game Studio looking for in a prospective employee?

Did you know that the Video Gaming industry is bigger than Hollywood? It is estimated that by the end of 2016, the industry will have crossed the $ 100 billion mark.

There is absolutely no reason to doubt this achievement thanks to the immersive virtual worlds that can make you a hero, a king, a warrior or an adventurer with just a click of a button.

Just like film-making, the development of a game is a culmination of various art forms. Games are no longer brought down to button-mashing or hack & slash arcades. There is a story based narrative, a magnificent artistic appeal, dialogues, voice acting, motion capture, animation and much more.

It is safe to say that companies like Rockstar Games, Ubisoft, Naughty Dog, Valve, Bioware, Nintendo etc. are the Warner Brothers of the gaming industry!

Although consoles and computers remain the top market in the gaming industry, the rise in the number of games available on smartphones is staggering!

And not to forget, gamification is an important marketing strategy being implemented by all the big companies.

So if you are a passionate gamer who wants to apply your artistic or coding skills in an industry that probably has the most dynamic and interactive output, dive into the world of gaming.

Here’s what companies are looking for

A Video Game Designer is the visionary and works closely with game artists and game developers to bring his vision to life. Game Designers come up with the game concept and story, they visualize the characters, environment and game play. They set the rules, structures, props, vehicles and interface design. They should not only be familiar but also have a deep knowledge about different gaming platforms like P.C, Console, Mobile Device etc. Game Designers are also well versed with software technologies and techniques used in each gaming platform.

Video Game artists and art directors experienced with designing tools are extremely important in the conceptualization phase of the game as they create the world, characters etc.(Check out Skyrim or Witcher)

Nowadays, a story or narrative is the centerpiece of a game and for that, game companies need experienced Script Writers.

Animation is also a crucial part of a game. Animators proficient with 3D animation software like Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3DS MAX, Blender are crucial in the narrative aspect of a game.

Apart from this, the video game world also comprises of Game Developers & Game testers.

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Tips to Become a Successful Animator

Animation is not just about learning software - It is a creative expression. Animation is for those who have creativity and love to create magic. If you are one of them, a career in animation is your cup of tea! Read on to know how to become a successful animator.

Master the art of drawing

As an animator, you will need to have strong skills in drawing. Whether you’re born with a natural talent to draw or not, practice can help fine tune your drawing skills. Practise drawing human forms, plants, animals, cars, landscapes, etc.

Dream and observe the world around you

Practise a daydreaming routine where numerous fantasy images are born. Go outdoors, observe people and other objects -- gestures of people in various public places, their expressions, imagine what they are thinking or talking, children playing, dogs running, plants, animals, vegetables in market, malls, etc. Take an outdoor sketching tour and improve your sketching skills.
Look at other fine animators’ works
There are many seasoned and great animators in the animation industry for many years now. Follow their work and accomplishments closely to study from their best practices and then create your own style.

Education and Training

While you need not have a college degree to become an animator, most employers prefer to hire job candidates who have completed professional courses in Animation, Computer Graphics or a related discipline from a reputed institute. If you want to create animation for video games, you need certification in video game design or interactive media. The industry looks for candidates who have a strong foundation in drawing, visual arts and communication design, and who’ve had hands-on experience in all the software and tools popular in the industry. Industry interface during training with masterclasses, live projects and jury evaluation will be an added advantage.

There are also numerous tutorials and forums on animation available on the internet for free, but one will miss out on the exposure to industry practices and industry relations which is crucial while training.

You can choose to specialize and work in any segment of the industry. Some of them include:

  • 3D Animation - The creation of moving pictures in a 3-dimensional digital environment.
  • 2D Animation - The creation of moving pictures in a 2-dimensional environment.
  • VFX - Blending real film shooting with virtual animated images.
  • Gaming - Designing games for PC, Internet, Touchpads, Mobile & Consoles (such as Playstation or Xbox).

Make a demo reel or showcase of your work

Your demo reel is the most vital thing that will be reviewed by an employer. So it’s important that you create it carefully.

While creating a demo reel, include only your best work, start and end with your strongest pieces, tailor it to your dream job, focus on your strengths, keep it short and simple and try to make it impressive.

There are various online sites where you can find how to make a good demo reel. Individual institutes also guide and help in the preparation of this important portfolio.

Join an animation industry association

Join and take membership into an industry association. This can give you a platform to share your work with other animators and to attend workshops to further develop your animation skills. Many of these associations have job listings that are only available to members.

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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

World’s No. 1 Industrial Design College

DSK International Campus (DSKSIC) is India’s first and one of its kind International Campus offering professional courses in the flourishing fields of Animation, Game Design, Industrial Design and Transportation Design. This Industrial and Transportation Design College DSKSIC founded by D. S. Kulkarni Developers Limited which is more popularly known as the DSK Group has recently been ranked as the World’s #1 Animation School by Animation Career Review.

DSK International Campus is a result of a joint venture between the DSK Group and Globally recognized French Institute – Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Grand Hainaut (CCI) which are public institutions that represent the interests of industries, commerce and services with the concerned public authorities. The Chamber of Commerce actively contributes to the economic development of the region and manage infrastructure including airports, ports and economic zones.

This Industrial Design and Transportation Design College is an ideal institute spread over 20 acres of land, complete with international quality amenities. Located at Fursungi, off NH 9, in Pune, DSKSIC is regarded as an exemplary ambiance motivating and nurturing the creative minds. Our academics are completely controlled by our French partners making sure they match the international standards of education. In addition, our trainers are recruited on a full-time basis from Europe.

At DSK International Campus, our vision is to be an international centre of creative excellence that shapes talent and to create an institution that conforms to the highest standards of education in creativity and innovation so as to lead change and create a better world.

Our mission at DSK International Campus is to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in students and to provide a vibrant atmosphere allowing the students to unleash their creativity to the fullest. We also aim to establish international networks with top players of the industry in order to be able to offer and execute viable design based solutions.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Enroll in few of Best Design Courses in the Country

Best Design Courses in the Country
Best Design Courses in the Country

With the world traversing at the speed of light in the digital arena, the need for good digital designers cannot be overlooked. The country is flooded with colleges who offer digital design courses. But, choosing the right kind of course is extremely crucial. Another important aspect that plays a vital role is the design school that one opts for. Good digital design schools will ensure that the students get a healthy international and national work exposure. These schools prepare designers who stand a class apart from the crowd.

Out of the many digital design schools in the country, DSK International Campus in Pune wins hands down. International infrastructure, world-class faculty, global curriculum and a practical study approach, makes it a great school to be in. The digital design courses that this college offers are considered to be at par with many international design schools. DSK International Campus, unlike its counterparts, focuses on a detailed practical style of teaching. The students learn the nitty gritty of the field from academic and industrial experts.

DSK International Campus boasts of having the best of the best faculty on board. Other than that, their digital design courses involve number of master class modules. These master classes are generally conducted by eminent scholars and achievers from the digital arena. One of the most sought after digital design schools of the country, DSK International Campus, stands as a paragon for evolved learning. The early on-the-job assignments and internships give the students a novel chance to apply class room knowledge to real job scenarios. The lucrative placements add another feather in the hat of this glorious institution.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Renowned Video Game Designing Colleges in the World

Video Game Designing Colleges
Video Game Designing Colleges
Video game designing colleges are winning a great demand across the world. The change of trend in the ambitions among youths has encouraged the spirits in individuals to pursue their unconventional dreams. Technology savvy youths find pleasure in venting out their talent through technology. Kids who have spent their childhood mastering in playing video games have started feeling the need of creating a better one, once they grow up. Acknowledging the magnitude of talent in their kids', parents have starting seeking to enroll their loved ones into a top video game school.

This explore for the best has resulted in the creation of DSK International Campus. D. S. Kulkarni is India's leading property and real estate developers expertizing in top quality residential as well as commercial projects in Pune, Mumbai and Nashik. Their motto is to provide our society with the best of everything. Abiding by this philosophy, DSK International Campus & Rubika, France have collaborated to provide the best video game designing college. This prestigious design school is ranked 3rd in the entire Asia and is considered to be the top design school in India. It is an emblem of success that guarantees best career in video game designing.

DSK International Campus offers international standard education across the three sections of: Animation, Video-game design and Industrial design. This gives students an edge to choose from their own area of expertise. This international campus provides with the best courses and follows the standards approved by CNCP of France (National Commission for Professional Certification). This noted commission works directly under the supervision of the Office of the Prime Minister of France. Pass outs from this top video game school earn great respect and position in the industry. DSK International Campus proudly curves each talent into a gem.

Monday, 28 April 2014

How to Find Good Animation College

How to Find Good Animation College
How to Find Good Animation College

Finding a perfect animation college that has all the right elements to make the years spend worthwhile is a task in itself. Animation is an exciting field and has a great scope as a full time career. Animation has been a part of us since generations. With each passing generation it underwent many drastic changes and has today evolved into a mammoth field in its own right.  Modern technology and revolutionary imaginations has changed the face of animation. It no longer is a coy and mute entity; rather, animation today is a dynamic, bold and loud. A career in animation is both promising and rewarding. However, one cannot deny from the fact that a good college plays a very crucial role.

Animation is an extremely challenging field that allows you to use your creativity as the major weapon. A good animation college will ensure that you channelize your creativity properly and learn all the nuances of the field and are able to face the challenges head on. But the million dollar question arises as to how to find that perfect college? Well the answer is simple, a college that covers all the aspects of animation, has a strong faculty base and offers great on the job training along with a secure placement strategy might help you win the race. DSK SUPINFOCOM is a well reputed international animation school that tops the list. Their glorious alumni bear witness to the credibility and efficiency of this institute. DSK Supinfocom has a great curriculum that ensures that you have a great career in animation

At DSK Supinfocom, animation is not just another subject stream. It is a place where students celebrate their passion for animation. Ranked as one of the best institutes of the country, DSK Supinfocom is what you need if you aim to make it big in a career in animation. DSK Supinfocom offers you the best of infrastructure, a well read faculty and an extensive and diverse curriculum. The college also ensure that the students get to learn from the czars of the animation arena. They organize regular seminars where many reputed dignitaries from the animation arena speak to the students. The regular internship and on the job training programs ensure that the students get firsthand experience of working in a real work situations. The 100 percent campus placement is the cherry on the cake. There is no doubt when we say that DSK Supinfocom is the best animation college where you learn from simply, the best.