Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Admissions Race Heats up for Top Design School

Admissions Race Heats up for Top Design School
Admissions Race Heats up for Top Design School

One of the most important aspects of a product is its design. It determines the success of a product. Whenever, a buyer goes to purchase any product, he is bound to select it on the basis of its design and quality. Industrial design is about showing your creativity through designs, with the help of thorough research and incorporating the latest technology into it. The design of a product should be such, that the buyer should clearly understand the message that the designer is trying to convey through it. Many students have realized the potential and scope that Industrial Design holds, and are showing a lot of interest in pursuing a career in designing.

There are many top design schools in India who offer courses in product design. If you are interested in pursuing a course in product design from an institute, you are advised to examine the following things:
  • Facilities offered at the Institute
  • The software and tools that are used
  • Company tie-ups of the institute for placements

DSK Supinfocom is an institute in Pune, which offers exclusive courses in product design. This institute aims at offering top-class education to its students. This institute holds a solid experience of training over 600 students in the product design industry. All these students today, are working with some of the most renowned companies in the world. The advantages of pursuing a course in industrial design from DSKSIC are:
  • Emphasis here is on practical knowledge
  • The students get to learn the course via latest tools like Graphic Tablets, Rapid Prototyping Machine and Clay Modeling Tools
  • Experts from the industry have been appointed here as lecturers
  • This institute holds tie-ups with all the reputed companies in the Industrial Design industry
  • DSKSIC offers 100% placement assistance to its students

Apart from all this, DSKSIC offers excellent infrastructure where students can learn, perform and innovate. No wonder, it is listed in one of the top design schools of India.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

The Need for Top Animation School in India

Top Animation School in India
Top Animation School in India
The changing mindsets for career aims among modern youths, stimulate a pressing need for a top animation school in India. Youngsters today, refuse from joining the herd. They want to make a mark of their own in the professional realm. The 21st generation believes in earning their living by working on their passion. With the emergence of latest technologies, one is able to give wings to their dreams. Modern technologies assist to develop one's inner talents and later pursue a brilliant career.

Today, animation is one of the most sought after careers that youngsters are opting for. Animation is the creation of moving pictures or images with the help of technology. It can be regarded as the art of breathing life into images. The animation industry in India is growing by leaps and bounds. Big studios and companies that make TV ads, animated movies and computer games, are off shoring animated content to our country. Several renowned animation studios and production houses are over-loaded with outsourced and in-house projects. Hence, there is a huge demand for new talents who are capable of executing the projects with creative brilliance. These animation studios look out for talented people who are trained through best animation courses.

To gratify this pressing need among youngsters, the premium brand DSK introduces DSK Supinfocom, the only international and top animation school in India. It is a collaboration between the DSK Group, India and Supinfocom Group, France. This prestigious design school is ranked 3rd in the entire Asia. It is considered to be the top design school in India and guarantees best career in animation. DSK Supinfocom provides global standard education across three sections: Animation, Video-game design and Industrial design. This gives students an edge to choose from their own area of expertise.

DSKSIC provides the best animation courses and follows the standards approved by CNCP of France (National Commission for Professional Certification). This noted commission works directly under the supervision of the Office of the Prime Minister of France. This noted design school is counted among the best animation schools worldwide. Students from the esteemed DSKSIC, recieve high regards in the industry.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Youngsters Incline Towards Product Design Courses

Product Design Courses
DSK Supinfocom - Product design

Product design courses have paved their way into the curriculum due to the creative shift of interest in youths. Today's youngsters no more want to engage themselves into monotonous career options. They want to break free from joining the herd and set their foot towards their inner call. With the emergence of technology, this generation has elevated the artist within to the next level. Supportive parents are often found in their quest of enrolling their creative loved one into the top design school in India.

Researching to find the best product design courses and the best design school that will satiate your thirst for creative knowledge can be a challenging task. That is why the super-brand DSK has introduced DSK Supinfocom, the only international school for designing in India. It is a collaboration between the DSK Group, India and Supinfocom Group, France. This prestigious design school has ranked 3rd among all design schools in the entire Asia. It is considered to be the top design school in India. DSK Supinfocom provides global standard education across three sections: Animation, Video-game design and Industrial design. This gives students the liberty to choose from their own area of expertise.

Their ultra modern campus in Pune provides an ideal ambiance for development of creativity and enriched learning. The school is equipped with the best and up-to-date minute technologies to train the students for international market. The residential campus facilitates the students with semi-furnished single occupancy rooms, laundry service, wi-fi Internet, cafeteria and health-care service. Other facilities include: a swimming pool, gymnasium, recreational area and indoor and outdoor sports facilities. These features ensure the all-round development in the students. The team of international trainers and world-class professionals work hard to bring out the best from each individual and identify their latent talent.

DSK Supinfocom considers its students to be their symbol of prestige. All of their alumni are today top designing professionals working with reputed organizations across the world. This design school insures the creative future of an individual.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Dsksic - Among Top Animation Institutes In India

Career in animation and gaming is a popular trend among youth these days. Various animation institutes have made India their new home. DSKSIC is amongst the top animation institutes in India that offers professional courses in the flourishing fields of animation, game design and industrial design. It has launched these courses in collaboration with globally recognized French Institute – Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Grand Hainaut (CCI).

Animation has become one of the emerging fields where one can explore a lot of creativity. Today, animation is not just limited to movies and advertisements. Graphics are now being used in various other professional fields like:
  • Aviation
  • Medical
  • Information Technology
  • Architecture
  • Hospitality
  • Banking

As Pune has gained a reputation of being an educational hub, DSKSIC has made this city its home. Located at Phursungi, off NH9, this institute is spread across 20 acres of land. The main focus of this institute is to offer practical knowledge to their students through the participation in live projects. This will further help the students to enhance their creativity. Their mission is to create an institution that conforms to the highest standards of education in creativity and innovation, so as to lead the change and create a better world.

It is among those top animation institutes in India where, you will find the best–in-class infrastructure with world-class trainers and technology. It offers an environment of creative thinking and a vibrant culture where their students can grow holistically. DSKSIC is the perfect institution where you can enhance your thought process and creativity. It is among the esteemed animation institute where you will find high educational standards and environment. DSKSIC is not just an institute but a whole new world of creativity. Therefore, if you are planning to make a career in animation, and you want to pursue it from a top animation institute than DSKSIC is a perfect destination for you.

Friday, 20 December 2013

'CLOUDS' Wins at Asifa India 2013

'Clouds' has won the Asifa Excellence Award in BEST STUDENT – 3D ANIMATED FILM Category at Asifa India 2013. This 3D Animation Short, created by Stephanie Birat and Nikita Deshpande, Animation students from DSK Supinfocom India, targets kids of all ages as well as the grownups who value the concept of imagination.

Stephanie Birat
Expressing thrill on winning at Asifa India, Stephanie and Nikita, share their thoughts with, "Winning at Asifa India 2013 is a great achievement as we had put a lot of efforts, time and imagination for making this short simple and creative at the same time."

The story line of this short revolves around a Crab, who as the story progresses, makes the audience enter an imaginative world in which several creatures of nature like vegetables, birds, fishes interact with each other and human beings appear as a guest .

Sharing more on the story line, the Directors, say, "the concept of 'Clouds' is adopted from the random and creative imagination of kids."

Nikita Deshpande
The short, divided into three parts, shows an introduction to the new world of creatures in which the characters are seen having the human element of emotions like anger, fear and happiness. In the second part, there's a shift to an adventurous journey in which a crab tries to save the carrots. And as kids can get really dark in their imagination, the last part highlights the danger scenes.

Stephanie and Nikita chose different Color textures to bring out different moods in this short. In the opening scenes of the short, Bright colors were used to match the nature of innocence and craziness whereas colors like black and white were used for showing crab in danger, which we see towards the climax.

"As the imagination process of the kids is not proportionate and limitless, we analysed different ways of storytelling, researched on how to simplify the Character sketches of the animals, vegetables and how to rig the characters.", highlights more.

On the software front, Adobe Photoshop was used for Texturing, After Effects for Composition, Premiere for Editing, and Autodesk Maya. On asking the Directors on why did they prefer to make used of 3D medium instead of 2D?

"3D gives better freedom with the camera movement, the lighting and the textures."

Stephanie and Nikita spent a month for finalizing on the concept, story, script and character designs. Creating Animatics took around 1 ½ month and 9 months were put into production and post production.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Admissions Heat-up for the Top Industrial Design College

There is a huge surge in admissions for the top industrial design college in India. Industrial design, though relatively new, is fast becoming a career option for many. Today's generation of students lean more towards creative studies and industrial design is one such subject. Industrial design courses are being started by many colleges and institutes across the country. However, the dominant name in this field is DSK Supinfocom. DSKSIC is located in Phursungi, Pune, which is soon to be the next IT destination in the city.

Industrial design in a way has existed from a long time, but it is now that this important subject is getting its due recognition. This particular subject is the reason why there so much more innovation in all mass produced products nowadays. From big ticket items like cars to small things like electronic tools, all are now a part of industrial design. Design helps in increasing their performance, efficiency, shelf-life and its looks. Therefore, this industry is picking up quite fast.

Like mentioned above, admissions are happening thick and fast in DSKSIC for this particular course. DSKSIC is the top industrial design college in the country owing to many factors. Here, industrial courses are designed and taught by industry veterans. All of them have been a part of the international industry design arena or still are, and they bring a lot of knowledge to the table. Students learn a lot from them. Students also get access to the best software and technology related to the subject. In todays' technology driven world, this is an absolute must.

One of the biggest factors behind DSKSIC's success is the students themselves. Only the best and the most creative students make it into the institute. You not only have students from the country vying for a spot, you have students from the world over wanting to be a part of DSKSIC. Therefore, students interested in making a superb career in industrial designing, should aim only for the top industrial design college.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Best Product Design School to Kick Start Your Career

Best Product Design School | Product Designing Courses

The requirements for best product design schools is increasing by every passing day. Today, almost all production industries are in a constant requirement for good product designers who would design alluring products for them. The ever increasing market and correspondingly increasing demand for good designers have made several students to opt a career in this field. However, lack of good designing schools are one of the biggest hurdles amongst these aspiring students.

Today, numerous design schools offer product designing courses. But very few of them are able to deliver thorough courses that actually help candidates in achieving bigger goals. Thus, students are highly recommended to opt only for schools with international reputation. DSK Supinfocom, an exclusive designing institute in Pune offers thorough courses in designing. Product Designing being one of their specialties, this institute boasts of being the only international campus available in India.

Smartly planned and professionally executed, the syllabus of product designing covers all the aspects also including training in design management. Well known to be the best product design school, DSK Supinfocom has dedicated design studios, 2D & 3D labs, a creative room and offers real projects with companies. Along with this, the candidates during their advanced course manage teams consisting of students from junior batches, This gives them ample experience to become an Industrial Design Manager.

Offering a three years course in product designing, the course deals with design fundamentals, creativity & methodology, and operational level during these 3 years respectively. Moreover, these three years are further stuffed with four internships to ensure proper industry level experience to the candidates and clear all their doubts and issues.

DSK Supinfocom is one of the reputed design schools worldwide. Offering courses in animation, video game and industrial designing, this institute boasts of being the only international school in India. Hence, students searching for the best product design school that offers them with a perfect product designing course, DSK Supinfocom is an ideal destination to explore your creativity and kick start your career.